It’s the age-old question that springs to our minds whenever we use or think about batteries: just how do they work? How can these small metallic cylinders provide so much useful energy for our products and systems?

Perhaps many of you don’t think about this question at all – using them has become so commonplace and natural that sometimes we may not even think about batteries and how they work. This goes to show how much we take electricity supplies for granted, and how easy, convenient, and advanced they have made our society. The archaic days of gas lamps and candles truly seem lightyears away.

Batteries provide useful, compact sources of power for all kinds of products we use, ranging from IT systems all the way through to cosmetic appliances. However, their power is limited, and are at the mercy of time.

What happens inside a battery when its energy becomes depleted? And how does recharging a battery work?

If your curiosity is already fired up, have a read of this amazing infographic we’ve created to show how batteries are able to keep us going.