Filters need to be changed or replaced every 6 months to ensure it runs efficiently.

Washing the filter after 6 months will no longer fully repair it.

Air will not pass through it properly, and suction and performance will be affected.

If your Dyson has lost suction power, & you have to vacuum while using the  max power mode      it’s time to change the filter.

If your filter is old and looks fairly clean all the time, this is a sign that dust is no longer passing through the fabric and it needs replacing.


Fits models: V6 +  V7 +  V8.

Compatible with all the following models: DC58 + DC58 Animal + DC58 Animal Complete + DC59 + DC59 Animal + DC59 Animal Complete + DC59 Animal Exclusive + DC61 + DC61 Animal + DC62 + DC62 Animal + DC62 Digital Slim + V6 Absolute + V6 Total Clean + V6 Fluffy + V6 Animal + V6 Flexi + V6.

SV03 + SV04 + SV05 +  SV06 + SV07

V7 series.

V8 Animal + V8 Absolute + V8