Batteries – where would we be without them?

Batteries are part of our everyday lives as much as the air that keeps us breathing

Chances are, the very mouse you are using to navigate across our website is powered by a battery. When you drive home from work, it’s a battery that allows your vehicle to start as well as acting as a handy electrical reservoir of power.

And when we get home, we operate the TV using a battery-powered remote, and may even need to do some DIY. You’ll need a battery for those appliances, too.

And it isn’t just in our homes where batteries have become an integrated part of our daily lives. When we need to go to hospital, many of the advanced machinery is operated by intelligent batteries that provide reliable power – even when electricity is lost on the grid.

They can also be found inside aeroplanes, military equipment, and handheld devices such as our smartphones, digital cameras, and watches.

Batteries are everywhere.

We depend on their uses to make our lives that little bit better, safer, and enjoyable. But do we really know what they’re made of? And why they work?

We have created an all-in-one infographic that takes a closer look at the cells that drive life.